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Billing Information

Conveniently pay your bill via Direct Debit, BPay, credit card, cash, or cheque. These methods of payment are detailed on the back of your bill. If you want to change your method of payment, or have recently changed your address or telephone number, contact us on 133 697 (Residential) or 133 343 (Small and Medium Business).

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Find all the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about accounts.

Changing Your Password

Your Optus Internet password is the key to your internet services and features which is why it's important to keep your password secure at all times. With a frequently changed password, your online security is greatly improved, so please update your password on a regular basis.

The Primary Account Holder can change the password of the primary account and any other sub-accounts. Use the points below as a guide to select a strong password.

  • It must be between 6 characters and 16 characters long
  • It must not contain your username, your first name or your last name
  • Don't use words that can be found in the dictionary or phone book
  • It can contain: lowercase, uppercase, numbers and standard keyboard symbols
  • It cannot contain: spaces, non-English (International) characters or the following characters:
    | $ & " < > ; ( ) { }

Changing the password for an account will affect all services that use that password information, including Email, Webmail, Homepage Personalisation and when usernames are shared with other Optus Internet Access services.

Account Usage

Keeping track of your Internet usage can be difficult, especially if multiple users share an Internet connection. Monitor your account usage online with our easy to read Internet Usage Meter. Simply visit Member Services and access the Internet Usage Meter to view your usage details.

My Account Help

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To set up an account, you must first be connected to the internet using your InZone device, you can then set up an Optus Wireless Username at

My Account provides tools such as Change Password, Account Usage and more. Optus Wireless 'yes' Fusion customers with Optus Dial-up can access My Account Tools for both services from this one location.