InZone Modem Setup


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Getting connected to the internet and phone services using your Optus InZone (E960) Modem is a simple process.

  1. Insert your Optus SIM card into the SIM cradle and then insert the cradle back it into the modem.
  2. Connect the supplied power cord to your modem and an available power socket.
  3. Connect the InZone modem to your computer using the supplied Ethernet cable.
  4. If you have also connected a wireless home telephony service with Optus, connect your phone handset or cradle directly into the phone cable socket in the InZone modem.
  5. Turn on your InZone modem by pressing and holding the power button on the front of the modem for 5 to 10 seconds.
  6. Once the indicator light on the modem turns "Green or Blue", you will be automatically connected to the internet and you will be able to make calls

To access your InZone Modem Web Management tools:

  1. Go to (make sure you are logged in as the administrator so you can modify your configurations and set your passwords)

Optus Inzone Modem (E960)

Optus Ethernet Wireless Modem

The InZone modem is a High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) 3G wireless gateway for family users and Small Office / Home Office users.

The InZone modem provides high-speed uplink HSPDA wide area network (WAN) interface of up to 3.6 Mbps for accessing the 3G/HSDPA network. It features Ethernet interfaces and WLAN interfaces for connecting terminals.

Your InZone modem is set up to work out of the box if you wish to connect via Ethernet. You are also able to manually configure the modem to work as a WLAN interface by logging onto the device using a web browser. For more information on this and many more advanced features, please down load the Huawei E960 User Guide, featured below. Note: Optus does not support WLAN's.

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