Internet Safety: Kids on the Net

To make sure the Internet remains a safe place for your family, it's very important to set family rules for using the Internet and insist your kids keep you informed of their online activities.

Here's a list of common sense rules for Internet safety all kids should be encouraged to follow:

  • I won't give out information about myself or my family, such as my address or phone number, without getting my parents' permission.
  • If I receive something online that makes me feel uncomfortable, I won't respond; I'll leave that area right away and tell my parents.
  • I won't meet with anyone I meet online without getting my parents' permission first.
  • I will never send anybody my picture or anything else without first checking with my parents.
  • I won't open or accept emails, files, links, URLs, or other things from people I don't really know or trust.
  • I won't give out my password to anyone but my parents or guardian - not even to my best friend.

Kids and chat services

Chatting online, emailing and instant messaging can be fun. But sometimes, bad people spoil that fun. To keep having fun online and be safe, just remember these points when you chat online:

  • People you might meet online may not be who they say they are (someone who says they're a 12 year-old girl could really be a 40 year-old man).
  • Never give your password to anyone else, even your best friend (keep it secret).
  • Always tell your parents or another adult you trust if something on the Internet is confusing, scary or makes you feel icky.
  • Never reply to messages or chat if someone says something that makes you feel uncomfortable or weird, just leave the chat room straight away.
  • Always tell your parent or guardian if you see rude language or nasty pictures when you are online.
  • Fill out any online forms with your parents and never go into an area that asks for money, personal information (like your full name) or a credit card.
  • Remember that if someone makes an offer that seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • You can read more about the dangers of chat and how to be safe online at


Never reply to junk mail or emails from someone you don't know. This might result in someone sending you inappropriate emails or spam. You might miss that crucial email from a friend because of this!

Never send a photograph of yourself or any personal information to a stranger online.

If you are sent a message that is sexually explicit (pictures or words), violent, about something illegal (like drugs or stealing) or simply makes you feel uncomfortable, show it to your parents and ask them to report the message to

Cool Sites for Kids

You can still have lots of fun on the Net with these cool sites. Check out the following links for lots of fun and interesting sites made especially for kids: