Mobile Broadband Cap

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What happens if I exceed the included value on the Mobile Broadband Cap plans?

If you exceed your included cap value, you will be re-directed to the set of un-metered websites. Unmetered describes content that's free of usage charges meaning that it won't count towards your monthly included value.

You also have the option of purchasing additional usage with a Optus Data Block. Up to 4 additional Data Blocks can be purchased at anytime within the billing month via Optus Member Services website at

Which sites are currently un-metered?

Optus currently offers unmetered access to a number of Optus sites:

Web Page Address
Optus My Account
Optus MyZoo Member Services
Optus MyZoo Mobile
Optus Webmail
Optus Web Page
Optus Zoo
The Australian

Can I purchase additional data if I run out?

You can purchase up to 4 Data Blocks at any time in your billing month.

Note: Any unused value will be forfeited at the end of your billing period and does not roll over

You have the choice of two additional Data Blocks:

  • Data Block $10 = $40 of included value
  • Data Block $20 = $80 of included value

Usage is charged at the same rate as your selected Mobile Broadband Cap plan. Data Blocks can be purchased at anytime within the billing month via Optus Member Services website at

What hours are Peak and Off Peak time?

Peak time is 7am to 11:59:59pm and Off Peak time is 12am (midnight) to 6:59:59am AEST.

How are Mobile Broadband Cap plans included value translated into data?

Usage is charged at $0.08 per MB or part there of during Peak time and $0.04 per MB or part there of during Off Peak time. Data usage will be counted in kilobytes where 1024kb = 1MB.

For example on the Mobile Broadband $20 Cap plan, if all data is used in the peak period, you receive $80 of included value which translates to 1GB of data.

Does any data I don't use roll over into the next month?

No, unused data on your Mobile Broadband Cap plan and any Data Blocks do not rollover into the next billing month. Your included value resets at the beginning of your billing period. You can find the dates of your billing period on the Internet Usage meter which can be found at

How will I know that I am reaching the end of my included data?

Usage warning notifications will be sent to your Mobile Broadband connection manager via SMS advising you when you have reached 70% and 90% of your plans included value. Additionally you can monitor your usage via the Optus usage meter (

Note: No usage alerts will be issued with additional Data Blocks.

For your convenience, you can also have these usage alerts sent to your mobile service or to an alternate email address. To set up these additional alerts go to Optus member services at

Can I change to a higher plan if I need more included value?

Yes, you can change your plan up and down as you require. Plan changes will take effect from the beginning of your next billing period. To change your plan please contact customer service on 133 697. A rate plan change fee may apply if you change plans.