Optus Ethernet Wireless Modem

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Device Firmware

  • PC & MAC: To upgrade the device the user must connect to a Windows based operating system running Version 2000 or later.
    • Latest device versions
      • Modem Software version:
      • Router Software version:
      • UTPS software version:
    • Check your device version
    • This update supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista32bit(X86), Vista64bit and MAC users
    • Upgrade device client
    • Installation Instructions:
      1. Unzip the download file labelled, and extract the files to a common directory.
      2. Run the file FmcUpgrade.exe from the extracted files.
      3. Power on the InZone Device, and connect it to the computer through the Ethernet cable.
      4. Click Button Check to detect device.
      5. Click button Upgrade to start the update.
      6. Wait several minutes until the update has been completed.
      7. Click button Check again and it should show the device using the latest version firmware.
      8. You can now close the Upgrade Utility program.
      9. Your InZone device is now fully updated.
Please note, Optus do provide additional tools however they should only be used whilst being assisted by a member of the Optus Mobile Technical Support team who are available on 1300 553 937.