Getting Started FAQs

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I believe I have a fault with my Service, what should I do?

As soon as you become aware of any fault in the Service, you must report that fault to Optus Customer Service. Before reporting a fault to Optus, you must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the fault is not a fault in any of your equipment (such as your PC) other than the equipment Optus has provided you. The Optus Customer Service consultant will log your fault and may attempt to determine whether the fault lies with the Optus Service or with the equipment Optus provided. If not resolved, your fault will be escalated to the first and then second level technical support specialists. The status of your fault will be tracked by Optus' fault management system. In the case where the fault is isolated to on-site equipment then an on-site Maintenance Visit will be recommended.

During the first 3 years of the service you will receive free on-site maintenance. If the Satellite Modem is suspected to be at fault, you will be asked to send the Modem back to Optus. A replacement will be sent back to you at no cost to you. If the modem is no longer covered by on-site maintenance you will incur an additional charge for a replacement Satellite modem.

Under the terms of the on-site maintenance, an Optus representative will attend your location within 7 days of the Maintenance call being requested.

Optus will charge you for the repair or replacement (refer to Standard Pricing Table) if the fault was caused by:

  • any non-Optus equipment (such as your computer);
  • any interference with or modification to the modem or a failure to use it in accordance with instructions;
  • power surge, lightning or any other circumstance beyond Optus' control; or
  • misuse or vandalism

At installation, Optus will test the equipment to ensure the service is working. If required, Optus will rectify any faults (including attending on-site if required) in equipment or workmanship associated with a faulty installation by an Optus representative.

In addition, certain statutory warranties apply under the Trade Practices Act.

How will Optus communicate with me?

If Optus communicates with you by email, any email communications will be sent to your Primary Email Address. (Your Primary Email Address is the address that was allocated as your first preferred Optus Broadband Satellite email address). You agree to monitor this email account regularly to retrieve and review these communications.

Is Optus committed to providing this service in the long term?

Optus Satellites carry the majority of broadcast TV and radio services via Satellite in Australia and New Zealand. In addition, Optus recently announced that we are launching two new Satellites. Optus is committed to the provision of Satellite Services in the future.

Which satellite is transmitting the signal?

It is intended that the service will be provided on B3, but Optus may change the satellite providing the service at any time.

How heavy is the Antenna and Outdoor Unit?

The 1.2m dish weighs approximately 45 kilos. Note that the Antenna has to be mounted on a structurally sound building able to take a load much larger than the actual weight of the equipment due to wind.

What is the Antenna dish made of?

The Antenna dish is made of fibreglass and metal.

Broadband Satellite 2-Way Service

What is Optus Broadband Satellite?

The Optus Broadband Satellite service is a 2 way satellite service delivering Broadband Internet that allows users with Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs) situated within the Optus Satellite Footprint in Australia and New Zealand to access the Internet. The Service enables:

  • downloads using a shared broadband digital video broadcast-s (DVB-S) Outroute path; and
  • multiple shared frequency/time division multiple access (FTDMA) inbound channels for the request path.

What does Optus provide as part of the service?

Optus will:

  • provide and install the required equipment at your site and connect it to the service;
  • provide access to the Internet;
  • provide email (including a primary address and up to an additional four email addresses); and
  • provide you with customer support by telephone and e-mail

What equipment is included in the price of the service?

The following equipment:

  • one Satellite modem;
  • one antenna (0.96, 1.2 or 1.8 metre in diameter);
  • For a 0.96 or 1.2m antenna, one roof, or one wall or one ground mount. For a 1.8m antenna, one pole mount;
  • one Outdoor Unit (ODU) which includes the 1-watt Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) and Low Noise block (LNB);
  • two interconnecting Radio Frequency (RF) coaxial cables of up to 35 metres length each;
  • one wall plate to terminate the RF cables;
  • two interconnecting RF coaxial cables of up to 2 metres each installed between the Satellite Modem and the wall plate; and
  • one Cat 5 patch cable 2 metres in length (connecting the Satellite modem ethernet port to your computer network card)

If your installation is not standard other equipment and labour charges may be necessary.

Do I own the equipment provided by Optus for OBS?

Yes, once you pay all equipment and installation charges ownership of the on-site equipment provided by Optus for OBS service transfers to you.

What do the SSPA and LNB do?

SSPA is a Solid State Power Amplifier used to amplify the signal for the purposes of communication from your location to the satellite. The Low Noise Block Convertor (LNB) receives the signal from the satellite. Both the SSPA and LNB are mounted on the antenna infrastructure and connected to the modem via RF coaxial cables.

How much of the bandwidth over which the service is provided is shared?

OBS is delivered using shared bandwidth so it is all contested by other users.

Do I need a telephone line to connect to an ISP to receive the service?

The Service is carried to and from the satellite antenna via a two-way satellite connection, which means that you do not need a telephone line or connection to an ISP to receive the Service.