Email is the most popular Internet application. It is important to use your primary Optus email account as information such as changes to the service, announcements and Optus Newsletter are all sent to your Optus email account. This Email Help section provides links to education and setup information to help you start using Email services on Optus Internet.


When travelling keep in contact with friends and family with Optus Internet Webmail. Check your emails from any computer with an Internet connection by simply access the myZOO Homepage and click the Webmail link.

Windows Setup

If you use a computer running a Windows operating system, the following section provides the information necessary to setup your computer to use Email . Setting up your computer to access both these services is simple, please select from the links below.

Email FAQs

The Email FAQ page has an archive of many Frequently Asked Questions. It's a great place to find answers to questions most often asked by our Customers regarding Email.

Five Free Email Accounts

With every Optus Internet account you'll receive five free email addresses. This includes your primary Optus address. You can create your email addresses for each individual family member, business area or friend.

To set up or modify your 5 email accounts you must login using the username and password of you primary Optus email account.

Free Spam Filtering

The Optus Internet Spam Filter has been designed to protect you and your family from receiving Spam or unsolicited commercial email.

The Spam Filter will check your email as it arrives at your mailbox on the Optus mail systems. If the email is identified as looking like Spam then the email will be moved to a separate Spam Folder.

It's very simple to use. To activate or deactivate the Spam Filter you need only login to the Spam Filtering page using your Optus Internet username and password, then agree to the terms.

When activated, email that you receive is automatically filtered to remove as much spam as possible before it gets to your Inbox.

The mail which has been filtered is placed in a Spam Folder which you will find listed with your other mail folders in Webmail. If you wish, you can view the contents of your Spam Folder and sift through the contents, to ensure that the filtering process has not moved a non-spam message there. Since these should be rare you will not need to check the Spam Folder at all and old mail there will be automatically emptied after 14 days.

Em@il UpDate

Ever waited for an urgent email to come in, and been unable to move away from your computer? For the ultimate in immediate email notification, Em@il Alerts enables you to receive an SMS message on your mobile phone whenever an email arrives in your Optus mailbox.