Internet Safety

While the Internet can be a wonderful place, not all of the people who use it play by the rules. There are many threats to Internet users, and unfortunately, new nuisances are cropping up all of the time.

It's important to take precautions to ensure that your Internet experience is a safe and happy one. The following sections outline some of the more common problems, and how to deal with them effectively.

Have you received a message from Optus about your computer being infected by the DNSChanger or another virus?

We are currently contacting impacted customers (by email, phone and/or post) to provide advice on how to remove the virus from their computers. For instructions and more information, see our Spam & Viruses page.

IIA Family Friendly ISP Program

IIA Family Friendly ISPOptus Internet is pleased to be a participant in the Internet Industry Association's "Family Friendly ISP" program. Australian ISPs, such as Optus Internet, bearing this seal have agreed to comply with the IIA Codes of Practice. The Codes of Practice are registered with and monitored by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). More information on the IIA's Family Friendly ISP program can be found at

When dealing with an Australian ISPs who complies with the IIA Codes of Practice you can be assured that you can access a content filter that has been approved by the IIA along with access to internet safety information.

Follow the links below for more information:
The Internet Security: Content Filtering section offers scheduled filter downloads
Internet Content Issues and the regulatory regime for online services.

Copyright Notice: The IIA Family Friendly ISP seal and related text provided to licensees of the IIA Family Friendly seal program is protected under Australian copyright law and international copy right agreements and cannot be used without the express prior written consent of the Internet Industry Association (ACN 071 075 575).

IIA iCode Compliance

iCode Compliant

Optus Internet complies with the Internet Industry Association's iCode, which is a voluntary industry Code that deals with cyber-security matters. The Code requires Optus to take certain steps to protect its customers from cyber-security risks, and also requires us to provide information to our customers on how they can protect themselves from such risks. More information can be found on our Internet Security page.

Kids On The Net

There is no better source of educational and study material for kids than the Internet. And it's also a fun place, with a multitude of games and activities to choose from. To make sure it remains a safe place for your family, it's very important to set family rules for using the Internet and insist your kids keep you informed of their activities online. Find out more about Internet Safety: Kids on the Net.

Securing Your Computer

How safe is your computer online? Your computer is potentially vulnerable to other malicious Internet users. Fortunately, there are many precautions you can take to protect the security of your home computer and make it a less likely target. Find out how to protect your computer.

Spam, Viruses & Other Nasties

Everyone who uses a computer on the Internet has heard about Viruses and Spam. But did you know about the other nuisances that can also cause havoc with your computer? Find out more about these problems and their solutions.

Internet Content Issues

In 1999, the Federal Government made amendments to the Broadcasting Services Act 1992. This legislation introduced regulation for Internet Content, which applies to Internet Service and Internet Content Providers. Find out more about Internet Content regulations.

Blocking access to child sexual abuse content

Optus has agreed to assist the Australian Federal Police (AFP) by blocking access to websites that have been verified by INTERPOL and the AFP as containing child sexual abuse material.

If you would like to know more or have any questions please visit our FAQ page.