While you may already have an email address (or maybe lots of email addresses), it is important that you check your Optus email address as we send information such as usage alerts, newsletters and notifications of price changes and changes to other terms and conditions directly to your Optus email address.

This Email Help section provides links to information and setup guides to help you start using email services on Optus Broadband.


Optus Webmail allows you to access your Optus email through a web browser (just like Hotmail, Yahoo! mail or Gmail). This is particularly handy when travelling as it allows you to keep in contact with friends and family. You can check your emails from any computer with an Internet connection by simply accessing the myZOO Homepage and clicking on the Webmail link.

Or you can simply type into your browser.

Windows Setup

If you use a computer running a Windows operating system, the following section provides you with all the information necessary to setup email on your PC.

Macintosh Setup

If you use a Macintosh computer, the following section provides you with all the information necessary to setup email:

Email Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Email FAQ page is a great place to find answers to your questions about email.

Five Free Email Accounts

Did you know that with every Optus Broadband account you receive five free email addresses? You can create email addresses for each individual family member, business area or friends.

To set up or modify your email accounts you first have to log in to Member Services using the username and password of your primary Optus Broadband email account.

Once you've created your additional email addresses, you will also need to setup the accounts for them on the computer that is going to be used to check the address. Simply follow the same instructions for Windows Setup or Macintosh Setup for each new address.

Free Spam Filtering

The Optus Broadband Spam Filter has been designed to protect you and your family from receiving spam or unsolicited commercial email.

The Spam Filter will check your email as it arrives at your mailbox. If an email is identified as Spam then it will be moved to a separate Spam folder.

It's very simple to use. To activate or deactivate the Spam Filter you need to log in to the Spam Filtering page using your Optus Broadband on NBN username and password, click on the "Activate Spam Filtering" button then agree to the terms & conditions and it's done. The Spam Filter is available for all your Optus email addresses at no charge, you simply need to activate it using the same process for each address.

Once activated, email that you receive is automatically filtered to remove as much spam as possible before it gets to your inbox. You will find the Spam folder listed with your other mail folders in Webmail. Through Webmail you can view the contents of your Spam Folder and sift through the contents to ensure that the filtering process has not inadvertently removed a non-spam message from your Inbox. Mail in the Spam folder will be automatically deleted after 14 days.

Want to know more?

For all you've ever wanted to know about email, read through our very informative Email Tutorials.