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The Member Services section provides you with help on managing all aspects of your Optus DSL Broadband account online.

Billing Information

Before you cancel/change your direct debit...

Direct debit cancellations/changes can take up to 72 hours to be processed. If you have a payment due within this timeframe a cancellation of your direct debit may not prevent the forthcoming debit from occurring.

You can attempt to prevent funds being withdrawn by paying your balance via a payment method that will reach your account prior to the date that your next direct debit is due to be taken out.

If you choose not to pay your account by direct debit a $2.20 processing fee is charged to your monthly bill(s).

Optus ADSL 1 Broadband (Optus Resale Network)

Your Optus ADSL 1 Broadband account is automatically debited from your credit card or bank account each month. Each billing month Optus will send an email to your primary email account outlining your usage and the amount that has been billed to you.

You can change how you pay for your monthly plan however the only available option is Direct Debit from your credit card or bank account.

Access Change your payment details

Note: Optus ADSL 1 Broadband accounts can only be paid by Direct Debit. If you wish to cancel you Direct Debit please Contact Us.

Optus ADSL 2+ Broadband (Optus Direct Network)

If your Optus ADSL 2+ Broadband account is from your credit card or bank account, each billing month, Optus will send an email to your primary email account outlining your usage and the amount that has been billed to you.

You may cancel or change your direct debit details by going through the following steps - Cancel/ Change your direct debit details - My Account

My Account FAQs

The My Account FAQs section contains many Frequent Asked Questions about Optus DSL Broadband accounts. This is a great place to find answers to questions most often asked by Optus DSL Broadband customers.

Changing Your Password

Your Optus DSL Broadband password is the key to your Internet services and features, which is why it's important to keep your password secure at all times. With a frequently changed password, your online security is greatly improved, so please update your password on a regular basis.

The primary account holder can change the password of the primary account and any other sub-accounts. Use the points below as a guide to select a strong password.

  • It must be between 6 characters and 16 characters long
  • It must not contain your username, your first name or your last name
  • Don't use words that can be found in the dictionary or phone book
  • It can contain: lowercase, uppercase, numbers and standard keyboard symbols
  • It cannot contain: spaces, non-English (International) characters or the following characters:
    | $ & " < > ; ( ) { }

Changing the password for an account will affect all services that use that password information, including Email, Webmail, Webspace, Homepage Personalisation and when usernames are shared with other Optus Internet access services.

Account Usage

Keep track of your Internet usage can be difficult, especially if a connection is shared between multiple users. Therefore, Optus DSL Broadband provides an Internet Usage Meter that displays your account usage online. Simply visit Members Services and access the Internet Usage Meter to view your usage details.

Changing Your Plan

Should you find that your Internet usage exceeds the Optus DSL Broadband plan you have selected, you can easily upgrade your plan online. The myZOO homepage provides the My Account section (part of Member Services), which enables you to upgrade your account online.