Getting Connected

Getting connected provides assistance in making sure you can get your Internet connection up and running as quickly as possible.

Windows Setup

This section provides Optus DSL Broadband customers using the supported version of Windows, Optus-supplied or preferred modems with information necessary to setup their computer to use the most common elements of the Internet.

PC users: Your computer will need to comply with the following specifications to be eligible for Optus DSL Broadband Customer support. In addition, your ADSL modem and telephone filters must be Optus Network approved. A list of system requirements, approved modems and filter specifications can be found at:

NOTE: Operating systems must be English language versions.

Optus DSL Broadband Network Settings

At a glance, this table provides more advanced users with all of the information you need to configure your computer to use Optus DSL Broadband.

Network Service Service Settings
Primary Domain Name Server
Secondary Domain Name Server
Domain Name Suffix
POP3 (incoming) Mail Server (port 110)
SMTP (outgoing) Mail Server (port 25)
Time (NTP) Server
WebSpace FTP Server (Host) (port 21)
myZOO Home Page
Your Email Address


1. You must be connected to Optus DSL Broadband to be able to send mail through
2. Make sure you replace username with your own username (in lower case).

Resale DSL Modems

Optus Resale DSL Broadband Customer Service will provide limited connection support for the following modems:

Optus Preferred DSL modems
Alcatel SpeedTouch HomeAlcatel SpeedTouch Pro
Alcatel SpeedTouch 530D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 200
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 300D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 300+
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 302GD-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 500
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 504NetComm ADSL Router Modem - NB1300
Siemens SpeedStream 4200Siemens SpeedStream 4201
NETGEAR Wireless ADSL Modem Router DG834GSP v3NETGEAR Wireless ADSL Modem Router DG834U v5
Sagem F@st 1201 v2NETGEAR Wireless ADSL Modem Router DGN2200


Modems listed in the attached document have been approved for use on the Optus Resale DSL network. While this equipment can be used on the Optus Resale DSL Network, Optus DSL Broadband Customer Service will not provide support for connection configuration or equipment-related connection difficulties.