Where is the myZoo tab?

The myZoo tab has been refreshed and redesigned and it is now called the Mine tab. You can still personalise this tab with news, sport, weather and more:

What are the changes?

  • Refreshed design and layout.
  • New modules including Facebook®, My Account (for Optus Prepaid mobile customers) and Optus Smart Safe™.
  • Removal of the following modules, TV Listings, Polls, Music, Travel, World Time, Movies & Competitions.

What happens to my personalisation settings?

If you have personalised the myZoo tab previously your settings will remain available on the Mine tab.

What can I do on the Mine tab?

  • News: Choose your news source from a selection of 10 providers including Sydney Morning Herald, NEWS.com.au, The Daily telegraph, theage.com.au, Herald Sun, brisbanetimes.com.au, Courier Mail, WA Today, Perth Now, The Advertiser.
  • Sport: choose your favourite sport and have the latest headlines displayed on the Mine tab.
  • Business: Keep up to date with all the latest finance news.
  • TV News & Gossip: Stay up to date with the latest celebrity gossip and view more TV & Video offerings from Optus.
  • TV Listings: Opt in to view your personalised TV listings based on your region.
  • Optus TV Now: Record & playback your favourite TV shows at your convenience.
  • Weather: Set your postcode to have weather for your preferred location displayed.
  • Horoscope: Your daily horoscope.
  • Facebook®: Connect to your Facebook profile and get your latest Facebook news feeds on the Mine tab homepage, you can also post a status update to your profile.
  • What's Hot: See the latest music and games available on Optus Zoo.
  • My Account: Optus prepaid mobile customers can view their account balance, plan allowances, view recent usage and recharge their account.
  • Optus Smart Safe™ : If you're an Optus Smart Safe™ user you can activate the module on the Mine tab, this will show you how much storage space you have remaining in your Optus Smart Safe™, when you last backed up your files and also link you through the Optus Smart Safe™ mobile site.
    More information about Optus Smart Safe™
    Terms and conditions apply

Where has the TV Guide gone?

The old TV Guide module has been removed. We are currently working on a new TV Guide product that will be available on the MINE tab in the next few months.

Where are my Facebook login details stored?

Optus does not store any Facebook customer details. The MINE tab uses Facebook connect functionality; all details are stored by Facebook. Facebook module is optional, customers can choose to hide this from their MINE tab page by selecting 'Zoo Preferences' from the footer of the page and selecting to hide the Facebook module.

How is it charged?

There are no data charges to browse the Mine tab homepage. Once you click a link and leave the Mine tab homepage, data charges according to your mobile plan will apply.

News: Includes news, sport & weather information. There are no data charges to browse the headlines displayed on the Mine tab homepage.

Horoscopes: There are no data charges to browse the horoscope content displayed on the Mine tab homepage.

Facebook®: You can choose to have your Facebook® news feeds displayed and post status updates. There are no data charges to use these features from within the Mine tab homepage. Once you click the My Facebook Page button, data charges according to your mobile plan will apply. Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.

My Account: Is available for Optus prepaid Mobile customer. There are no data charges to use the My Account features within the Optus Zoo mobile portal.

Optus TV Now: There are no data charges to access the features of Optus TV Now that are available in the module of the Mine tab homepage. Additional charges may apply to use Optus TV Now.

Other tab pricing is as follows:

Web Tab Pricing:

Data charges according to your mobile plan apply to browse the Web tab homepage.

Additional charges will apply to access some content and services that are accessible from the Web tab. All additional charges will be presented at time of purchase.

Services Tab Pricing:

There are no data charges to browse within the Services Tab.

Zoo Preferences Pricing:

There are no data charges to set up or modify your Zoo preferences.