Getting Started: Managing Internet Usage

Keeping track of your Internet usage can be difficult, especially if an Internet connection is shared between multiple users. Optus Dial-up Internet provides an Internet Usage Meter that displays your account usage online. Simply visit My Account and access Account Usage to view your usage details.

In addition, here are a couple of basic suggestions to help you manage your Internet usage.


Closing your browser window or even quitting your Internet application does not mean that you have disconnected from the Internet. Once you have completed your Internet session you should always end your session by:

Windows Users: Right clicking on the connection icon in the bottom right-hand corner Windows system tray. It's the one that looks like two tiny TVs connected together. Then selecting "Disconnect" from the menu. You will then see the icon disappear. This ensures that your Internet connection is definitely closed.

Macintosh users: Open the PPP or Remote Access control panel, which can be found under the Apple menu, in the Control Panels folder. Then click the Disconnect button.

On both these systems, you can usually disconnect by physically disconnecting the phone line from your modem.

Idle Timeout

Windows Dial-Up Networking has an inbuilt timeout feature, which you can set to automatically disconnect whenever your Internet connection has been left unused for a pre-determined period of time. Depending on your version of Windows, it may be set for default of 30 minutes, or never. This setting can be found under the "Options" tab of your Dial-Up Networking connection.

Session Limits

From April 1st, 2004 Optus Dial-up Internet introduced a default session limit of 5 hours to all Hours based plans. This means that after you have been connected to the Internet for 5 hours, you will be automatically disconnected. Each time you are disconnected for this reason, you will receive an email to tell you why this has occurred.

While this has been implemented to safeguard you in the event that your Optus Dial-up Internet service is accidentally left connected to the Internet, this is an optional feature (except on the Dial-up Unlimited plan) that you can easily opt-out of. If you don't want to take advantage of this new feature, it's easy to change, or turn off completely by following the instructions below.

How to Change your Session Limit
To change your Session Limit, visit You can choose a range of options between 0.5 hrs and 24 hrs, or turn off the Session Limit feature by selecting No Limit. Remember, by selecting 'No limit' your Optus Dial-up Internet service will not be automatically disconnected if you accidentally leave it connected to the Internet, and you may exceed your monthly available hours. In this event, standard excess usage charges will apply.

Rationing Your Usage using Pre-Paid

Optus Dial-up Pre-Paid vouchers provide an ideal way of managing your Internet usage. Each coupon provides a number of hours of Internet access. Once your vouchers have been used, simply purchase more to "top-up" and continue accessing your Optus Dial-up Internet account.

Topping Up Your Pre-Paid Account

Want to top up your Pre-Paid account? It's simple. You can use our handy online Top-up tool. Activate new hours online before your current hours expire and you will get 5 BONUS hours to use in your next usage period.