Internet Usage Meter

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What is the "Internet Usage Meter"?

The Internet Usage Meter is a monitoring tool that allows you to manage the usage of your Optus Dial-up Internet Service. It allows you to view how many hours or megabytes (MB) of data used relative to your monthly allowance.

Why should I use the Internet Usage Meter?

Most Optus Dial-up Internet plans provide a set amount of hours or data (MBs) each month. If you use in excess of 100% of your available hours or MBs, you will be charged at the excess rate applicable to your plan. The Internet Usage Meter will help you to evaluate your usage of the service and will let you know how many hours or MBs you have left at any given time.

Will I be charged for the use of the Internet Usage Meter?

No. The Internet Usage Meter is provided as part of your monthly service fee.

How do I read the Internet Usage Meter?

The Internet Usage Meter provides a graphical representation of your usage relative to the total number of hours or MBs you have available. There are 3 sections to the Internet Usage meter: Current Usage, History and Session Information. Note: these sections will appear differently depending on the Optus Dial-up Internet plan you are on.

Current Usage provides a report of the number of hours/MBs available for your current billing period, as well as what you have used to date. You are able to view the breakdown of plan hours/MBs, Rollover hours (where applicable), any Bonus hours/MBs, Excess Usage incurred and the number of days elapsed in your billing period.

The History page shows the last 3 months of usage in graphical format, while the last 6 months of usage is shown in table format. Similar to the Current Usage page, the History page also shows a breakdown of Plan Allowance, Rollover (if applicable), any Bonus Hours and Excess Usage. In addition, it also shows the amount you have paid for the month and an invoice number. You can use this invoice number if you need to query any account charges.

To access the History page, click on the link in the left hand menu.

The Session Information page provides a detailed report of each login to your account including the date and time the session started, the duration of the session and the amount of data downloaded and uploaded during the session.

You can view your Session Information for the current month by clicking on the link from the Current Usage page. For previous months, you can view Session Information by selecting the billing period you want to review.

What do the different colours mean?

The Internet Usage Meter provides a colour-coded reference to easily show the different types of usage available, and to connect the data shown in the graph to that in the table. Your Plan Allowance will show in blue, Rollover hours (if applicable) will show in green, Bonus hours/MBs in orange and excess hours/MBs in red.

What happens when I use all of my monthly allowance?

On plans that have an hours or data limit when you exceed 100% of your available hours or MBs, you will be charged at the applicable excess rate for your plan. Click here if you would like to upgrade your monthly plan in order to provide more hours/MBs for your next and subsequent billing periods. Please note that plan upgrades will take effect from the first day of your next billing period.

I'm on a data (MB) based plan - what usage is included in my Data Usage count?

All downstream data is counted in your Data Usage and this includes such things as browsing web pages, downloading email, all content on the myZOO portal, online gaming and streaming radio or video.

Uploads are not counted towards your Usage count.

What are Bonus Hours/MBs?

Bonus hours/MBs includes any hours or MBs that have been added in addition to the your standard plan hours/MBs. This includes Bonuses such as the 100 hours/MBs that are added for new customers in their first month.

Why can't I see the Bonus Hours/MB column on the History page?

The Bonus hours/MB column only appears if you have had Bonus hours/MBs applied to your account.

Can anyone else access my Internet Usage Meter?

No. As a username and password are required to login, only the primary account holder will have access.

What if I forget my username and password?

The username and password are the same as your first (primary) email account. If you are the account holder, you can contact Customer Service and have your password changed at any time.

Is there any warning when I'm close to reaching my available hours/MBs?

Yes. When you exceed 80% of your total available hours/MBs a notification will appear on the Internet Usage Meter. This will also occur when you exceed 100% of your total available hours/MBs.

How often is the Internet Usage Meter updated?

The Internet Usage Meter is updated between 15 mins and 4 hours. The time and date of the last update is shown at the top of the Current Usage page. Note: only completed sessions prior to this time will be included. If you have logged in sometime prior to the last update, and are still connected, this session will not be included.

Why are there two graphs on the Current Usage page?

Separate graphs are provided to show your usage relative to the time remaining in your current billing period. The top bar shows your usage to date, while the bottom graph shows the number of days elapsed.

I'm on the 'yes' NetAllHours Unlimited plan - why don't I see all this information?

As the 'yes' NetAllHours Unlimited plan does not have either an hours or a data limit, it cannot be graphed in the same way as plans that do have a limit. As such, the Internet Usage Meter simply shows the amount of hours and data you have used in a table. Also, some plan features do not apply to this plan, such as Rollover and Bonus hours/MBs.

I converted from Pre-Paid to a monthly plan recently and now I can't see my Usage History?

Unfortunately, once you convert from Pre-Paid to a monthly plan, we cannot present your historical Pre-Paid usage online.