Pre-Paid FAQs

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What is Optus Dial-up Internet Pre-Paid?

When you create a Pre-Paid account, you will purchase a fixed number of hours of Internet access which are valid for the specified number of days. The hours are "claimed" or, added to your account when you create your Optus Dial-up Internet account. You then have access to the Internet for the life of the card's specified number of days or, for the number of hours you purchased, whichever comes first. To add more hours to your account you need to purchase additional hours and add them to your account, this is known as "topping up" your account. You do not need a credit card to use Pre-Paid access.

Do I have to buy another Starter Kit to top up my hours?

No, simply ask your retailer for a Top-Up Voucher with the hours you need.

Can I activate my new hours over the phone?

Yes, call 1300 301 325 and have your Top-Up Voucher with you. However, you will only receive BONUS hours if you activate your new hours online, before your current hours expire.

How do I know how many hours I have left?

Visit My Usage and log in to see how many hours you have used and when it's time to top up.

Will my account close if I don't top up?

After your hours expire your account will be suspended, however, Optus Dial-up Internet will reserve your email address and continue to receive and store your emails for 90 days. If after 90 days you have not topped up, your account will close your email address and password will be cancelled, and you will have to purchase another Starter Kit.

Is there an alternative to topping up?

Yes, convert to an unlimited hours Optus Dial-up NetAllHours plan. You'll still receive the features and benefits that you currently have, and you won't have to change your email address. You can convert online for even more convenience.

What is Pre-Paid rationing?

With Optus Dial-up Internet Pre-Paid you are able to "queue" more than one unused Top-up Voucher to your account at any time. Rationing controls how your queued vouchers are used: the first rationing mode is unrationed. In this mode, you can add as many Pre-Paid Top-up Vouchers to your account as you like. When your first voucher or subsequent Top-up Vouchers run out, the hours on the next Top-up Voucher automatically begin being used. In rationed mode, you can restrict the amount of hours that are used within a specific time frame. That is, if you have a Top-up Voucher that is for 75 hours and with a life of 45 days from the time you first start using the hours. If you use all the hours before the expiry date, you will not be able to use the Internet until the date of the expiry and your next Top-up Voucher becomes current. This method of rationing is useful if you need to monitor and restrict your usage of the Internet.

Remember if you activate your new hours online before your existing Top-up Voucher runs out 5 Bonus hours will be credited to your account.

Where do I go to purchase top-up vouchers online?

Log in to the My Account section to purchase new Top-Up vouchers.

Can I buy top-up vouchers before my existing hours run out from the Zoo website?

Yes. We recommend you top-up your account when your hours begin to run low, or a couple of days before the expiry date. You can purchase top-ups online using your credit card once you have accessed the My Account page, or from an Optus retail outlet. If you top-up before your existing hours run out, you'll also receive 5 bonus hours.

If I am unable to access the online purchase page, can I purchase Pre-Paid over the phone?

Yes, you can contact customer service on 1300 301 325 and arrange for Optus Pre-Paid vouchers over the phone.

Can I get a refund for un-used Pre-Paid access?

No. Pre-Paid Internet cannot be refunded, transferred or redeemed.

Can I change my Pre-Paid account to a standard dial-up account?

Yes. You change from Pre-Paid to a monthly account via the My Account section on the myZOO website.