Session Limit FAQs

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What is a Session Limit?

A default session limit of 5 hours has been applied to all Hours- based plans to help safeguard you in the event that your Optus Dial-up Internet service is accidentally left connected to the Internet. This is an optional feature that you can easily opt-out of. If you don't want to take advantage of this new feature it's easy to change or turn off. All Unlimited plans have a set session limit of 5 hours which cannot be changed.

What is the benefit of adding a session limit?

Applying a session limit gives you greater control over your Internet usage. You can limit the amount of time you spend on the Internet, as well as protect yourself in the event you accidentally leave your computer connected to the Internet.

How do I know what session limit is currently set?

You can change your session limit, or view your current limit by logging in at

How often can I change my session limit?

You can change your session limit as often as you like, however each change will only become effective from your next session.

Is there a charge to use the session limit feature?

There is no charge to access the session limit feature. The session limit facility is just one of a great range of features available to you as an Optus Dial-up Internet customer at no extra cost.

If I'm on an Unlimited Dial-up plan, can I change the session limit?

No. The session limit for all Unlimited plans is set at 5 hours and cannot be changed.