NetAllHours FAQs

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What are the NetAllHours plans and how do they work?

The NetAllHours plans are unlimited monthly hours plans. These plans have download limits, session time limits and an idle time limit.

Can I rollover my unused megabytes?

No, the rollover feature only applies to the monthly hours included in our NetRollover plans.

How can I find out how many MBs I've downloaded?

You can see how many megabytes you have to use this month by visiting the My Usage section of the myZOO website. Please note that when you check your usage, this will not include your current session or any usage since the last update.

Will I be charged for excess usage?

Yes, you will be charged for excess usage if you use over your available MB for the month.

Where can I get more information on NetAllHours?

Existing Optus Dial-up Internet customers should call Customer Service on 1300 301 325 or email for further information.