Dial-up Plans

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Where can I see how many hours I can use this month?

You can see your available hours for this month in the My Account section of the myZOO website. Click on account usage and you will be shown "Hours Available". This page will also show your past usage, including Invoice Number, Dates Covered, Available Hours and Invoice Total.

Will I be charged for excess hours?

Yes, you will be charged for excess hours if you use more than your available hours for the month. This does not apply to the Dial-up Unlimited plan.

Where can I get more information on Dial-up Plans?

If you are thinking about signing up to one of our Dial-up plans you can get more information from the Products page or you can call our sales team on 1800 700 273. Existing Optus Dial-up Internet customers should call Optus Customer Service on 1300 301 325 or email support@optusnet.com.au for further information.