Broadband Speed Test

If you'd like to test the performance of your broadband connection, you can do that below. You'll be able to test the download and upload speed of your broadband connection.

Please note: Data used by DOCSIS 3.0 & DOCSIS 1.1 Optus Cable Broadband customers using this tool will not count towards your monthly allowance (for those users running a DOCSIS 1.0 cable service it will count). Speed Tests performed using other ISP's speed test sites will count towards your monthly usage allowance. If you are a DSL Direct customer, and you use this tool or other ISP's speed test sites, your data usage will count towards your monthly usage allowance. Optus responsibility for your connection ends at your eMTA. Accordingly speed tests for your network connection should be conducted with your PC/Laptop directly connected to your eMTA via Ethernet. Actual download speed can be affected by factors such as your equipment and LAN performance, settings, hardware, software, internet activity, location of content accessed and congestion. A Wi-Fi connection may not be as fast as a wired Ethernet direct connection.