Getting Connected: Windows Setup

The following sections provide getting connected information for Windows users. You will find configuration details for the most common online programs for use with Optus Dial-up Internet.

Easy Setup Tool

The Optus Dial-up Internet Easy Setup Tool can automatically configure your computer to connect to the Internet and access your email using Microsoft Outlook Express.

Dial-up Modem Configuration

Setting up your computer and modem to connect to Optus Dial-up Internet is easy. The Modem Configuration flow chart will walk you through the Windows Internet Connection Wizard step by step.

Email Configuration

Email is the most popular Internet application and it is important to use your primary Optus Dial-up email account as information such as changes to the service, announcements and newsletters are all sent to this primary email account.

  • View the Optus Dial-up Internet Email configuration for Outlook Express
  • View the Optus Dial-up Internet Email configuration for Windows Mail

Windows 7 does not ship with a pre-packaged email client.

Optus customers upgrading to or installing Windows 7 will need to install their own email client to access email, newsletters and account notifications.

Optus strongly recommends backing up all files including email, favourites and address book contacts before upgrading any system.

Alternatively, customers can continue to access their OptusNet email address via webmail at

Internet Explorer Configuration

The details here will assist in setting myZOO as your Homepage and ensure your Internet Explorer proxy settings are correct for use with Optus Dial-up Internet.

Plug Ins

Web pages are designed using many tools. To be able to view the content created using these tools, you need to have the corresponding "plug-in", or interpreter, installed on your computer. If you don't have the appropriate plug-in installed, it's likely you will see a blank space, or the page will fail to load. Often a message will prompt you to download the required Plug-in. Optus Dial-up Internet has provided a page with links to the most common Plug-ins.