My Homepage Header

With the myZOO Header you can shortcut to News, TV & Video and Sports, the Member Services page and Webmail.

myZOO homepage header. Numbers shown correspond with the below numbered list.

myZOO homepage header

1. myZOO logo

To get back to the homepage, click the myZOO logo in the top left hand corner of the screen or the 'Home' link in the main navigation bar.

2. Search

Enter your query in the Search box; select where you want to search (Web, AU or myZOO) and click GO.

3. Sign In

Sign in to see your personalised homepage or to save changes you make to your homepage.

4. Member Services

Directly access your data usage meter, competitions and newsletters.

5. My Usage

Monitor your Internet usage. Our usage meter shows your plan's data allowance and usage for the month, if this feature is available on your plan.

6. Webmail

Quick access to your personal Optus email inbox.

7. Optus Shop

Visit our Optus web site to shop online for all your telecommunication needs.

8. Help

Find basic 'How To' pages to guide and help you make the most of myZOO.

9. Mobile

Optus Mobile customers can download music, ringtones, wallpapers and games. Charges apply.

10. News

Keep up to date with breaking headlines and news from major Australian news sources.

11. Sports

Get the latest news and live scores for a range of sports, including: AFL, NRL, cricket, football, tennis and golf.

12. Music

Get the latest MTV music news, interviews and exclusive 'MTV Spankin' New Sessions' highlighting up and coming local bands.

13. TV & Video

The Best of TV and Video - Your Way: Check out the TV listings, record and watch your favourite TV shows on your mobile and PC, get the latest online videos and keep up to date with TV news and gossip.

14. +Add Content to myZOO

Click '+ADD CONTENT to myZOO' to go to the personalisation panel. Choose the content you want on your myZOO homepage for your PC and your Mobile Phone. Go to Homepage Personalisation for more information.