Getting Connected: Windows Setup

Windows Setup

The following sections provide information for Windows users on how to configure the most common Internet programs for use with Optus Internet.

Cable Modem Setup

To setup your computer and modem to connect to Optus Internet is easy. The Optus Cable Internet Model Setup flow chart will walk you through the Windows Internet Connection Wizard step by step.

Email Configuration

Email is the most popular Internet application and it is important to use your primary Optus email account as information such as changes to the service, announcements and Optus Newsletter are all sent to your Optus email account.

Windows 7 does not ship with a pre-packaged email client.

Optus customers upgrading to or installing Windows 7 will need to install their own email client to access email, newsletters and account notifications.

Optus strongly recommends backing up all files including email, favourites and address book contacts before upgrading any system.

Alternatively, customers can continue to access their OptusNet email address via webmail at

Internet Explorer Configuration

The details here will assist in setting myZOO as your Homepage and ensure your Internet Explorer proxy settings are correct for use with Optus Cable Broadband.

Plug Ins

Web pages are designed using many tools. To be able to view the content created using these tools, you need to have the corresponding "plug-in", or interpreter, installed on your computer. If you don't have the appropriate plug-in installed, it's likely you will see a blank space, or the page will fail to load. Often a message will prompt you to download the required Plug-in. Optus Internet has provided a page with links to the most common Plug-ins.

Casual Usage Dial Up Connection Settings

When the same computer is used to connect to both Optus Dial Up Internet and Optus Broadband Internet, it is recommended that the computer always be set to Never Dial A Connection. That way the computer will always use the Optus Broadband Internet connection by default. Should the computer be away from the Optus Broadband Internet connection then you should manually connect to Optus Dial Up Internet via an Optus Dial Up Internet Networking shortcut on the Desktop. Choose your Operating System to see instructions on how to configure these settings:

Optimise Windows for the Optus Premium Speed Pack

If you've added the Premium Speed Pack to your Cable Broadband service and you're using a Windows-based computer, you may need to optimise your network settings using an Optus-supplied utility. Customers not using the Premium Speed Pack should not use this software.

Before you begin, ensure that your computer is running the Microsoft Windows operating system. You will need administrator rights and a live Internet connection. You will also need to restart your computer at the end of these instructions. It is suggested that you close all other applications while running this software.

Step 1
Step 1 Download the Premium Speed Pack Optimiser software here. If you are presented with a message box to "run or save the file", click "Run". Otherwise, locate and open the downloaded file called OptusPremiumSpeedPackOptimiser.exe.

Step 2
You will be presented with the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) for the software. Please read the EULA, scroll to the bottom of the text, and select "I have read and ACCEPT..." if you agree to the terms presented. Click "Continue".

Step 3
If you have a live Internet connection and administrator rights, you will be presented with the below screen. Click the "Optimise" button. Your network settings will be configured for optimum use with the Premium Speed Pack.

Step 4
A message box will appear once the optimisation has been done. To complete the process, you will need to restart your computer. Click "Restart" if you would like to restart immediately. Otherwise click "Restart Later" and you can finish the process at a later time.

This software is designed to optimise the parameters and registry settings of Windows-based computers for use with Optus Premium Speed Pack-enhanced Cable Broadband services.

The following parameters are altered in this process:

  • MTU Value
  • TCP 1323
  • TCP Receive Window (RWIN)
  • MTU Discovery
  • Black Hole Detect
  • Selective Acks
  • Max Duplicate Acks
  • Time To Live
  • IE Optimisation.

DPQ3925 Wi-Fi Drivers

Download Wi-Fi Modem Drivers here to connect a PC to the Cisco DPQ3925 using Wi-Fi connectivity
(To be used in conjunction with the Cisco Wireless Dongle to manage communication between the Operating system and Modem).